Conficker is now going Medical? huh!

Posted: May 2, 2009 in Technology
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The Conficker worm had its tolls not only on personal and business related machines around the world, but has also compromised many in healthcare facilities and hospitals:

“A few weeks ago, we discovered medical devices, MRI machines, infected with Conficker,” said Marcus Sachs, director of the Internet Storm Center, an early warning system for Internet threats that is operated by the SANS Institute.

Around March 24, researchers monitoring the worm noticed that an imaging machine used to review high-resolution images was reaching out over the Internet to get instructions — presumably from the programmers who created Conficker.” – Elise Ackerman, Mercury News

Let’s hope that this is only a vulnerability that will pass us and we come out stronger. Because if this bloody worm hits the right spot, then the security of patient information will be compromised and even tampered with!!! It’s a scary thought let me tell you.

What’s scarier, is the amount of viruses our machines are logging at work and I doubt that all of the staff realize how dangerous this can be for our patient records.


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