EMRs now can be richer with images!

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Medical, Medical Informatics, Technology
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IBM has teamed up with a company called Nhumi Technologies, out of Zurich, Switzerland, a developer of EMR visualization software, to create a hospital record system that can help clinicians see more relevant patient data in a more efficient manner. By using an avatar to represent a particular patient, the system shows what clinical information is available in the EMR record on different parts and regions of the patient’s body. Recently the software underwent a trial at a Danish hospital with promising results. – Micheal, Medgadget.com

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! That would be a rocking EMR system to have if proven successful. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with the concept, in-fact it will help physicians visualize the information and probably give them a better understanding of the patient’s condition(s).

[via Medgadget.com]

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