Hospitals going wireless

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Medical, Medical Informatics, Mobile, Technology
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Calls for wireless technologies is nothing new; You’ve all probably gotten used to hearing those cries, but in the medical areana, there always have been concerns with medical, and non-medical for that reason, devices transmitting wirelessly and the possibility of interfering with other medical devices in range or close proximity.

Well, so far and in my humble knowldege (including research) there have been no confiremed cases or solid studies that state wireless devices (I’m not talking huge-mega-ultra blasting electromagnetic radiation devices) do interfere with heart-monitors in the ICU for example. And if you come across any, please do enlighten me. This is mainly because of the design specification that the medical and health monitoring devices must adhear to. For example, the FCC requires all medical devices to be well insulated to ensure that other devices’ freqnecies that are close-by wouldn’t interfer with their proper operation.

The dangers here are proprietary technology and price, the one leading to the other. – Dana Blankenhorn, ZDNet Healthcare

Bottom line is that tech companies, especially those interested in “smarter” health care and medical informatics have begun the marathon to utilizing such technology.

“the Gary and Mary West Foundation committed $45 million to create a wireless health institute sponsored by Qualcomm and Scripps, a non-profit community health system. The company invested in CardioNet Inc. (BEAT) as a start-up to develop a remote heart condition monitor. The patient constantly wears a set of wired patches attached near the heart which are hooked into a wireless PDA. The information is then sent to the patient’s doctor.” – Roger Cheng, Dow Jones Newswires

Back in 2008, Medgadget reported “New Wireless Medical Device Interoperability System Unveiled” by Cambridge Consultants. Read their post here.

Go wireless … go go!

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  2. fkj says:

    I remember, about 3 years ago, I read this article from Mayo clinic hospital which they did a study about high tech wireless bands, ranging from simple mobile phone to a multiple network servers, and its effect to ICU facilities, cardiac monitors, PCA or any kind of pacemaker. They found that it has no effect what so ever.

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