Handhelds and Smart Phones reviewed in clinical settings

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Medical, Medical Informatics, Technology
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While going through Medgadget, I came across this cool post that talks about a recent study by Healthcare Human Factors Group regarding using handhelds and smart phones in the nursing clinical practice.

Here’s the group’s recommendation summarized:

“The Blackberry Bold and iPhone 3G were found to be acceptable devices. The Nokia N810 also met or exceeded the performance of these devices, but was generally considered too bulky and heavy for nurses to use on a routine basis. The Palm Treo 680 and HP iPAQ 210 are not recommended.” – Healthcare Human Factors Group

To read more about the study, go Human Factors Evaluation of PDAs and Smartphones in Nursing Practice…

[via Medgadget]

  1. kcal says:

    I’ve worked in hospitals in the states that use handhelds. I don’t recall them being anything fancy. On the contrary they were quiet ancient. I know that the healthcare system in Tampa has gone electronic. Interesting to see if this spreads around the states 😉

  2. kcal says:

    do you think we’re ready for that in kuwait?

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