A great new gadget just came out for paramedics! It’s tough! It’s so tough that it can withstand drops, water spraying, or even a good kicking from an panicking injured person!

Medtronic’s LIFEPAK 15 — which just received FDA approval, by the by — is a portable heart monitor / defibrillator equipped with all sorts of fun features, including an audible CPR Metronome, a dual-mode color LCD with a high-contrast mode for use in bright sunlight, up to six hours of operating time, and energy dosing for difficult-to-defibrillate patients. Just make sure it’s nice and dry before you plug the paddles in. For reals – Engadget.com 

The good news is that this device is FDA approved, which means it went to rigorous testing one would argue.

[via Medgadget, Engadget]


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