WebMD Symptom Checker

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Medical, Medical Informatics, Technology
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Advancements in medical technology and health informatics have made it possible to be more educated and informed about their medical well-being.

Now WebMD offers a great online tool named WebMD Symptom Checker. You can now go online and get a few ideas or clues on what you might have. Just as the site emphasis, this is not a replacement for going in to see a physician. This will give you a clue of what might you have.

I recall reading the book titled “How Doctors Think” by Jerome Groopman, MD. He advices the patient in his book to challenge the physician’s diagnosis and ask their physicians what else they have this will help physicians to consider a broader range of possibilities. The book is a great read not only for lay people, but for health care professionals as well. Here’s a short review on the book published in NewYorkTimes by Michael Crichton.

This post was requested by my close friend, Dino!

  1. Tom G says:

    In my opinion, we as consumers are given very little in the way of diagnosing and treating ourselves. About all we have is the internet, symptom checkers, and a few diagnostic tools. Going forward, I’d like to see healthcare professionals teach us how to do minor diagnosis and equipment makers make low cost tools to do minor diagnosis. We’re given more information and tools to diagnose and fix our car or home, than we are to take care of our own bodies.

    I think if I had better tools and knowledge, I think I could diagnose and treat my own health conditions better. This seems to be an upcoming trend, e.g. Health 2.0. Anyhow, I’ve started a Blog – “Do It Yourself Doctoring” – http://doityourselfdoctoring.blogspot.com/ documenting my own experiences in Diagnosing and Treating Myself, going to Healthcare Professionals only as needed. Feel free to comment.

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